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What Happened And Why

Author: Fandom: Harry Potter
Episodes: 8 Podcast Type: Scripted Drama
Premiere: 2014-03-25 Reviews: 52
Latest Episode: 2014-03-25 Status: Work In Progress
Original Format: Link Rating: AA - All Audiences
Warnings: No Warnings


WHAW is a next generation radio drama, following Rose, Albus, Scorpius and Emily as they navigate the tricky waters of revenge, love and heartbreak. It\'s seventh year for our characters and the proverbial crap has hit the fan, in the form of a letter from their dear cousin Victoire, revealing that Albus has been spilling secrets. Soon, it's full blown war.

Banner advertisment credit to Bear&Fox at the-dark-arts.net.

Tags: #humor   #drama   #scripted   #next generation  

# Title Length Reviews  
1 Never Eat Yellow Snow 17:17 40
Summary: voices: Juicy_Moosey, JChrissy, caapaldi, Mihali1432, AccioHorcrux, nikkinike, TyrannicFeenix
2 Introducing Albus the Troll 16:36 4
Summary: voices: Mihali1432, AccioHorcrux, StephM, TyrannicFeenix, caapaldi, JChrissy, nikkinike, kalkay, AditiDraco95, starryskies
3 50 Shades of Emily and Rose 18:15 1
Summary: voices: caapaldi, Juicy_Moosey, JChrissy, Mihali1432, AccioHorcrux, nikkinike, TyrannicFeenix, StephM
4 Murder On the Dance Floor 16:59 1
Summary: voices: caapaldi, Juicy_Moosey, JChrissy, AccioHorcrux, Mihali1432, nikkinike, TyrannicFeenix, StephM, MazBlue, ShadowRose, Beautiful Soul, Debra20
5 Speak Easy Was Never Taken So Literally 24:45 1
Summary: voices: AccioHorcrux, Mihali1432, caapaldi, Juicy_Moosey, JChrissy, TyrannicFeenix, LovlyRita, FallenTruths, starryskies
6 An Untimely End 14:27 3
Summary: voices: starryskies, nikkinike, Juicy_Moosey, TyrannicFeenix, PolyJuice_, FallenTruths, MazBlue, Levana, AccioHorcrux, kalkay, LovlyRita, Mihali1432, caapaldi
7 Octopi and Overlords 15:37 2
Summary: voices: LovlyRita
8 The Pros and Cons of Cabin Fever 17:57 0
Summary: voices: